I am on a bit of a coding spree lately, and added 2 new features to Lazy Scholar that appear in version 0.7.0, just pushed out: finding a contact email for a paper, and citation counts.

By default, finding a contact email address is turned off (turn on in Options) as it adds an extra ping (to pubmed). Turn this on and it will scrape the contact address listed on pubmed (only available for some entries) after you click the browser icon. This will soon be extended to the automatic-popups.

Second, the Google Scholar and Thomson Reuters Web of Science citation counts are now given (WoS counts also scraped from Google Scholar). However, it seems that Web of Science counts are only available if you are on an internet network of a participating institution- this is being rolled out to more institutions through January. So if Lazy Scholar can find the count it will display it, otherwise you will see “N/A”.


Example: while on the JAMA abstract, I click the button and it finds a contact email and provides citation metrics.