Version 2.3 is now out with a new feature: Lazy Scholar can autosave PDFs that it finds to a “Lazy Scholar” folder in your local Downloads folder in the background. It will appear as a full text link the infobar the next time you open it if no other options exist. This is most useful for those who have institutional access and open a paper while on campus, but then go home and open it again- no need to manually save it, Lazy Scholar takes care of it for you. Turn on the feature in Options, it is off by default.


Additional upgrades in this version:

Side panel redesigns

The side panel design and functionality has been improved. It is now better at extracting references and the outline structure of the paper. Previously, Lazy Scholar used a neural network model located on a server to assist in outline extraction. I’ve ported it to work within the browser, increasing speed and eliminating cost so it will scale. An additional feature makes it possible to return to your previous position when navigating references or throughout the outline. This can be useful when you need to check another section of the paper while reading but want to return to your place after. Here is a video of how they work:

The panel can be set to automatically open if you prefer, or manually click the brain icon in the infobar. For now, outline extraction in PDFs has been removed to be improved.

A number of bugs and small improvements have also been addressed. Please report any issues that you encounter.