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Lazy Scholar performs an automatic full text check & pulls in various metrics to save you time

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Type "ls" in Chrome's omnibox to quickly query Google Scholar & much more...

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Beta testing group

Because upcoming features and redesigns will be increasingly complex, I have decided to create a version of Lazy Scholar for beta testing to get feedback on new versions before I roll them out to everyone. If you are willing to accept the risks of testing potentially buggy versions and will provide feedback when requested, please […]

Poll: Firefox Version of Lazy Scholar + feature requests

I have a lot of things in planning and development for Lazy Scholar, but something I’ve been putting off for awhile is porting the extension to Firefox. To get a sense of how many people might be interested in a Firefox version before I invest the time, I’ve created a quick poll. The second question […]

New sharing links and cosmetic changes

I updated Lazy Scholar to version 0.8.9. This includes new links for quickly sharing papers as well as some cosmetic changes. Author email/name and JournalGuide Previously, Lazy Scholar attempts to find an author contact email address from PubMed and displayed it toward the right side of the infobar. See this post for an example. This is […]

Some data for Open Access Week #OAweek

This week is Open Access week, so like last year, I thought I’d share some updated data that I have collected with Lazy Scholar. Last year with a query count of just over 13,000, I found that about 18% of papers queried through Lazy Scholar were found freely through Google Scholar. As of today, the total […]

A new infobar and QR code generation

Lazy Scholar is updated to version! Normally I do not force you to read this blog when I make an update, but so you aren’t caught off guard, you will see something new when you open your next paper. I would appreciate any feedback in the comments below. Infobar Lazy Scholar has a new infobar that automatically loads […]

In text citation identification and updates

As Lazy Scholar nears 3,000 users and crosses 50,000 queries, I have a new feature and some updates that I just pushed out. Feature: In text citation identification Even though full texts usually have anchor tags linked to references at the bottom, I often find it annoying when I want to quickly know what paper […]

PubPeer comments

Along with PubMed Commons comments, Lazy Scholar now also checks for PubPeer comments in version 0.8.1. PubPeer provides another option for critical discussion of papers. Here is an example of a paper that has comments:       Clicking the link will bring you to the PubPeer page to read them. Similar to PubMed comments, […]

PDF exchange: need beta testers

Edit (9.10.2014): I have removed this functionality from Lazy Scholar, so I no longer need testers. It may be incorporated in some other way in future versions. I have reached an exciting point on something I have been working on for a long time now: a PDF exchange system that occurs fully in Chrome. After much […]