Lazy Scholar

Browser Extension

Finds free scholarly full texts, metrics, and provides quick citation and sharing links automatically. And much more…

Automatic Full Text Search

Open any scholarly article and Lazy Scholar gets to work searching for a free full text. Lazy Scholar can even integrate with your library to find full texts even when you’re off campus.

New Recommendations

Lazy Scholar can learn what topics you like to read and scans new PubMed listings to suggest new papers.



Lazy Scholar provides various citation metrics. (Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Web of Science; Journal rank, Altmetric, etc)

Search History

Can’t find that paper you opened yesterday? Lazy Scholar saves your history and provides an interface to find it.

Quick Citation

A pre-formed citation available in over 900 citation styles.

Related Papers

Quickly identify other papers you may want to read.


Lazy Scholar can attempt to extract references, PICO information, abbreviations, and more from PDFs and non-PDFs.


And more…

Custom Settings

If you are at an institution, Lazy Scholar can preform EZProxy urls when you open an article. In addition, choose from over 900 citation styles, including a custom “PowerPoint” style to quicky copy/paste into your slides.

New PubMed Recommendations

Lazy Scholar learns what you like to read, and scans all new PubMed abstracts daily to give you ranked suggestions of what to read. 

(Feature Optional)

PubMed Shortcuts

When you search PubMed, Lazy Scholar checks its database for journal rank, citation metrics, and full text links.

(Feature Optional)

Search Paper History

Lazy Scholar automatically saves your paper history and provides an interface to search for papers you’ve opened.

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Blog Updates

Lazy Scholar 2.0: Getting Smarter

For the last half year I've been working on laying the groundwork for giving Lazy Scholar the ability to extract helpful information from a paper and put it in a sidebar. Most of this information is extracted using text matching rules, and some using machine learning....

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Impact Factors removed, CiteScore added

Due to a legal demand, impact factors have been removed from Lazy Scholar. For now, I have replaced them with Elsevier's CiteScore metric, which is similar to how the impact factor is calculated, with an important difference in that it includes other types of...

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